Sea-Cat #2 OPENING TONIGHT @ The Hedreen Gallery

January 24, 5-8pm
Hedreen Gallery

The Hedreen Gallery presents Sea-Cat #2, an exhibition and programming in support of a new print and online catalog initiative, Seattle Catalog. There will also be a performance by SEACATS at 6 pm.

Seattle Catalog is for U.S. Government Inspected Art, Grade A art, Regular Price art, Yellow Ripe art, Extra Fancy art, Ready-to-Eat art, Best-for-Less art, Ready-to-Cook art, Fully Cleaned art, Spend Less art, Eat Better art, ham art, pork art, chicken art, tomato art, banana art, apple art, turkey art, cake art, cookie art.

Seattle Catalog, LLC is both an art project and a for-profit company. As a for-profit company, Seattle Catalog (Sea-Cat, for short) takes the form of a tri-yearly sales catalog supporting creators from atypical communities and backgrounds. As an art project, it is a collaboration by Gretchen Bennett, Wynne Greenwood, and Matthew Offenbacher, three artists associated with experimental object-based art, film, video and music scenes, institutional critique, and social outreach projects. All three have also worked with the Henry as part of the Gift Shop (Gretchen and Matthew) and Erwin Wurm (Wynne).  Sea-Cat is also a yearly artist grant, created by gathering a percentage of each artwork sold through the catalog.

Learn more about Sea-Cat HERE.

The show will run from Jan 24 – March 17, 2012. The partnership between the Hedreen Gallery and Sea-Cat will result in a symposia/public discussions involving writers, artists, activists, economists, students, and the public in an extended conversation about value, art, space, and success.

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