WORKSHOP with Karn Junkinsmith: How to make a One Minute Sculpture

Sunday, February 5, 2012, 2:00 – 4:00 PM
Test Site
FREE with Museum Admission
Please Register in Advance HERE and bring a book

Join Seattle choreographer and experimental dance filmmaker Karn Junkinsmith for an afternoon workshop to be held in conjunction with the Henry’s presentation of Erwin Wurm’s One Minute Sculptures. Throughout the duration of this presentation visitors will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of participatory experiences designed to explore the concepts introduced in Wurm’s Sculptures and question definitions of sculpture by encountering their own unexpected relationships with everyday objects.

Utilizing the four elements of dance, time, space, energy and the body we will play with a book to construct and witness our collective one minute sculptures. Relax into present moment, breathe, dream, imagine, remember, stretch, reach, spin, jump, ask, open heart, receive, give, move with feeling. This workshop will utilize everyday objects so be sure to bring your own book to work with.

Karn Junkinsmith is a Seattle choreographer and experimental dance filmmaker. Karn’s dance film work began in 1990, when she collaborated with Lena Sharpe on GIRLS FIND WAYS TOGET THERE, a dance of three female archetypes: Joan of Arc, witch and pregnant virgin. Her directorial debut, the whimsicalDAY OFF, produced in association with Northwest Film Forum and shot by Lynn Shelton screened at Lincoln Center, BUS STOPscreened at the Red Cat in Los Angeles, and ALCHEMY OF THEORACLES screened at Local Sightings. THE CHRONICLES OFCLEO & JACK shot on 16mm black & white is a story told with pictures, music, skateboarding and dancing screened at Northwest Film Forum’s Local Sightings and the Sans Souci Film Festival in Boulder Colorado in 2010. Her most recent film NIGHT FALLSON JACK AND CLEO shot by Ben Kasulke on super 16 screened at Local Sightings in October of 2011.

See her films HERE

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