Pollen From Hazelnut at the MoMA

The MoMA has just announced that it will be showing  Wolfgang Laib: Pollen From Hazelnut, from mid-January through the end of February 2013. The pollen installation will measure roughly 18 by 21 feet “collected over 12 years by the German artist Wolfgang Laib.”

“Pollen is the potential beginning of the life of the plant,” [Laib] said in a written statement. “It is as simple, as beautiful and as complex as this. And of course it has so many meanings. I think everybody who lives knows that pollen is important.”

The installation at the MoMA will be Laib’s largest installation to date. “Over the years he has made work from different kinds of pollen, including buttercup, dandelion, hazelnut and pine. As a material, it takes on a kind of glow.”

Read the rest of the New York Time’s Article HERE.

Pollen from Hazelnut (1995-96) by Wolfgang Laib is currently on display at the Henry. If you haven’t seen it yet come check it out!

You saw it here first (and potentially 2 times before that!).

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