Hankblog needs a new header

Interested in making one? Hankblog header guest artists include Mike Pham, Joey Veltkamp, and our friend Owen’s sweet daughter, Lucia. This last one, up above, was inspired by Irwin Wurm’s One-minute Sculptures, and created by super-talented designer and performer, Mike Pham. (THANKS, MIKE!) Header designs need to include the word Hankblog, and a Henry “H.”  Riffs on current exhibitions are always a plus.

Here’s an “H” for you —  and some basic instructions.

  1. get the following together: a JPG, sized 740 x 192 (pixel dimensions), along with your name, brief biographical sketch, and link to your website (should you have one).
  2. send all that to us at: hankblog@henryart.org.
  3. We’ll choose one – and post the picture, publish your bio, and any links here on hankblog!

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