Members Preview and Opening: Gary Hill; glossodelic attractors

Friday, March 30th, 5-8pm
Café, Mezzanine, Sculpture Court, Stroum Gallery
FREE for Henry Members

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This special event for Henry members marks the opening of the exhibition Gary Hill: glossodelic attractors. For over four decades Gary Hill has produced highly experiential works, both rigorous and sensual, that defy convention and expand consciousness. glossodelic attractors, the broadest sampling of works from the artist’s career to be assembled in over a decade, includes over a dozen works that investigate how visual and verbal communication are experienced at the phenomenological level.

Live music by Hooves and Beak, remarks at 7:00PM


Don’t forget to get your tickets for glossodelia: A performance by Gary Hill & George Quasha. It’s NOT to be missed. Buy your tickets here

glossodelia is a performance by Gary Hill & George Quasha for multiple cameras, microphones, video projectors, computers, electronic drums (Roland Octapad), Serge Modular, assorted effect boxes, Kinect, software programs Max/MSP/jitter, Process and others all manifesting towards self-reorienting language/sounds/rhythms/images (“axials”), paper and acrylics, and human bodies on the verge.

What are glossodelia? To answer this question beyond the literal meaning of the word—“revealing tongues”—Gary Hill and George Quasha enter into a state of co-performative inquiry by way of what they use for language. This includes just about anything that can be generated in real (and hyperreal) time, such as sound, image, word, gesture, and a range of semi-definable electronic phenomena (“electronic linguistics”). What they generate through various instruments (“psychotropic languaging vehicles”) becomes a field of strange attractors (“dynamical lingualia”) with a pull toward possible language realities (“lingualities”). They have called it “a pulsational conversation with stepped-up intensity in which Real Time is invited to show its other side.”

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