5-Hour Comics Day

Saturday, April 14, 2012, 11:00 – 4:00 PM
Test Site
Free with Museum Admission

5-Hour Comics Day is almost upon us! We’ll be doodling and drawing every hour the Henry is open tomorrow, April 14th, in the Morning Serial exhibition space. Based on the popular 24-Hour Comics Day, this event invites anyone to come and draw their hearts out—and their hand-cramps.* There’s lots of ways to participate: draw a 5 page comic in 5 hours; switch gears each hour and follow along with our suggested themes; pop in for a short sketch; or just work on whatever suits your interest.

We’re thrilled to offer a short comics-making crash course at noon by up-and-coming Seattle artist Max Badger Woodring. Max just posted the first ten pages of his in-progress comic, and they are doozies—check them out! (Just be careful, he bites.)

Paper and colored pencils will be up for grabs, but feel free to bring your own laptop or specialized materials.

 *why is it only 5 hours, and not 24? The idea of hyper-caffeinated comics folks bouncing around the museum at 4am is just too scary to contemplate. 

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