Hi All,

 School is out (old news), campus is pretty quiet, and as of ten minutes ago, the rains are back.  Despite the generally slower pace of the University in the summer months, things here at the gallery are speeding up as we get ready to install our next big show, The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl opening on July 13th.  The MFA show came down last week and once again, our gallery walls are white.  A few days ago 32 giant art crates arrived, and the anticipation of unscrewing those lids is nearly killing me!

Keep an eye out for some excellent public programming coming out of the Henry’s Test Site in conjunction with The Record, including performances by the likes of Slashed Tires and The Hive Dwellers, listening parties, workshops and diligent online coverage from our best and brightest guest blogger/coordinator/go-to-brainiac Olivia McCausland (see her work here).

As for now, take a peek at these naked walls…

Always an exciting sight…
Check back soon to see what’s inside!

Talk soon,


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