Liner Notes: Fatimah Tuggar

Hello Henry fans! If you haven’t had a chance to come see The Record exhibition yet, and/or you want to learn more about the artists who are in the show, then this is the blog for you! Every Friday, I post an edition of Liner Notes, which profiles an artist who is featured in The Record.

This week I will be highlighting Fatimah Tuggar, a Nigerian-born artist whose work, largely comprised of photo montages, often deals with the subject of technology’s influence over different societies. Read on to learn more about Fatimah.

Watch this video, which shows the artist at her Digital Art Retrospective at the Greenhill Center for NC Art in 2011:

In this fascinating interview, Tuggar discusses the ideas behind some of her earlier works and asserts her desire not to belong to any “movements” in particular while still engaging people with her work.

Listen to this mini podcast with Trevor Schoonmaker, curator of The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl, where he sheds light on Tuggar’s work, Fai-Fain Gramophone (2010), which is featured in the show.

That’s all for this week, be sure check in next week for the next edition of Liner Notes, and more importantly, visit the Henry soon to see The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl. Thanks!

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