2012 Heineken City Arts Fest

The 2012 Heineken City Arts Fest kicks off in Seattle on October 17th. This is a curated collection of music and arts events turn downtown Seattle into your playground for 4 days and nights. Check out the schedule here! Make sure to get your tickets early!

Whitney and I will be covering some of the events here on Hankblog so make sure to tune in!

2 thoughts on “2012 Heineken City Arts Fest

  1. With Bumbershoot, Decibal and REVERB all having happened in the last month or so, do you find people have to make choices between one festival or another? This seems like a great lineup, but so was Bumbershoot. Do you find people choose to attend one over another, or is the music culture so strong in Seattle that is doesn’t matter?

    1. That’s a very good question, Brent. All of the festivals you mentioned were all very well attended (as far as I know) and also appeal to different yet possibly overlapping audiences. I can’t speak to individuals having to pick one festival over the other, but that is certainly a possibility.

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