Exhibition Guide program, featuring Chelsea Nagayama

The Henry wins things, like the Golden Apple Award in 2011. The Golden Apple Award is given to educators, programs and schools who make a positive difference in Washington. The Exhibition Guide Program at the Henry provides invaluable experiences for both visitors and students, connecting student’ to art community.

What does the Exhibition Guide Program do? Well, the program connects both and high school and university level students to lead unique exhibition driven tours of the Henry. We provide the training that allows them to gain valuable public speaking skills, research opportunities and critical thinking skills. That’s why it won the Golden Apple. What it really does is bring students 16 – 22 into the museum, giving them a really good excuse to learn and discourse about contemporary art. The 10 week course has about 12 students, allowing them to learn how to teach art, engage visitors and develop publicly speaking skills. The best part about it is the interdisciplinary nature of the guides; some are art students, some educators and others science center people who also love art. If you want more information about the guide program email contact-education@henryart.org.

Last year there were 12 graduates from the Exhibition Guide Program and Chelsea Nagayama is a recent graduate that continues to intern at the Henry Art Gallery. As a senior at the University of Washington she is majoring in Painting and Drawing and also taking her Pre-Medicine requirements.  She originally got interested in the program because of the creative environment an art museum provides and being able to teaching kids about art. She has wanted to be a doctor since she was very young, but also feels art is a very important part of her life. She thinks who needs to choose when you can just be Leonardo DaVinci! She also likes to sing in an operatic voice to her tour groups in the Skyspace, which is a permanent installation by James Turrell that has great acoustics. So don’t miss out on an opportunity to see that and come in for a Public Tour!

Catch her on her next tour at the Henry at our Open House on October 26, 2012.

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