Guest Blog: Molly Mac

Molly Mac  is a moving image and sound artist who lives and works in Seattle, has worked with the UW’s Center for DXARTS and has been exhibited on both coasts as well as internationally. Next month, Molly and Wynne Greenwood will be leading a workshop on Immersive Video and Public Dialogue at the Henry with Reel Grrls

Without further ado, I give you Molly Mac:

Five Alarms Greenwood Lit CrawlI’m excited.

Five Alarms Greenwood Lit Crawl curators Greg Bem, Aaron Kokorowski & Graham Isaac have created a really important platform at a really important time.

A Quintet of Quays

I’m excited to be a part of this night in super inspiring literary company: Tessa Hulls, John Burgess, David Lasky, Karen Finneyfrock, Emily Wittenhagen, Queequeg, Doug Nufer, Aaron Kemply, Arlene Kim, Theo Dzielak, Aaron Kokorowski, Amy Billharz, & Morris Stegosaurus.

I’m excited to have the opportunity to try something new.

I’m excited to talk circles around war and making sandwiches and motherhood and winning.

See you Saturday- things kick off at 5pm at Greenwood Chocolati Cafe.

xo til soon.


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