New Art in Molly’s: Shorecrest High School

Shorecrest High School Student Art
Shorecrest High School Student Art

Molly’s Cafe at the Henry Art Gallery has quarterly shows of artwork from community organizations. Path with Art, a non-profit organization which provides marginalized adults the opportunity to engage in the creative process as a unique means to improve and rebuild their lives, was up over the winter quarter. If you missed that show, Path with Art currently has an exhibit, Our Landscape, installed in Plymouth’s window space, on 3rd between Lenora & Blanchard in Belltown.

This quarter, the show is from Shorecrest High School art students organized by teacher, Laura King. Here is a letter from Laura explaining the show:

We are excited to be back this year for a second show at Molly’s Café. Shorecrest High School’s art students have worked hard to create these pieces. I feel honored to work with such talented and diligent students, and I am pleased that they can share their work with the public.

 My Drawing and Painting, Studio Art, and Advanced Placement Art students created this body of work. The show represents a variety work, from the realistic to the abstract, with variations on theme and media.

 I would like to thank the Henry Art Gallery for giving us the great opportunity to show the students’ work. I also thank all of the students who participated in all aspects of this show, including those who helped prepare and hang the artwork.


We hope you enjoy the exhibition.

Laura King
Art Teacher
Shorecrest High School

Shorecrest High School Student Art
Shorecrest High School Student Art

Shorecrest High School

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