The Dowsing, 2013

ImageIf you haven’t yet herd about this Friday’s triple play presentation of The Dowsing, it’s time you had! Using fashion as point of departure, Anna Telcs’ work explores the liminal space between form, fashion, presentation and performance. The works made for the Dowsing 2013 will be presented and activated in the University of Washington’s Red Square through three performances shown in one day. After their public presentation they will be returned to the Test Site for further examination and discussion, completing a full cycle including a prologue of research and construction, The Dowsing at the Henryperformance in Red Square and an epilogue in the Test Site where the pieces will be placed on armature as artifacts.


Presentations will take place in The UW’s Red Square at 3:00pm, 4:30pm, 6:00pm. 
RSVP to the reception to follow at the Henry Art Gallery 7-8:30pm HERE.


The Dowsing in the News:


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