Last Chance: Now Here Part II & The Dowsing

Now Here is Also Nowhere: Part II ends this Sunday, May 5th. This exhibition is the second part in a two-part meditation and non-linear account of how—in making artworks about ideas and intangible concepts— artists continually question and destabilize the nature of the art object. The artworks in Now Here is also Nowhere are ephemeral, immaterial, and embrace contingency; many of them are the result of orchestrated private and/or public actions. The works in the exhibition act as a reminder that the desire to pose questions and address issues related to mind, body and soul are central to artistic practice.Featured artists include: Jason Dodge, Marcel Duchamp, Paul Elliman,  Agnes Martin, Pablo Helguera, Robert Indiana, and NASA. This is your last chance to see it before it vanishes into nowhere.

Photo courtesy of Dan Bennett

Vanguard Seattle wrote a review about the exhibition when the show first opened:

“Now Here is Nowhere: Part 1” began a conversation about how we look at and qualify objects, including artwork. The second part of this builds on the concepts presented in the original (what is familiar, but largely intangible), but further delves into the fundamental power of media to convey what is intangible with what is familiar. Just as artists “continually question and destabilize the nature of the art object,” we as viewers investigate and excavate each piece for a deeper meaning—though perhaps the intent all along was to be indecipherable.”

Read the entire article here.

The Dowsing will close NEXT Sunday, May 12th. Using fashion as point of departure, Anna Telcs’ work explores the liminal space between form, fashion, presentation and performance. The works made for the Dowsing 2013 were presented and activated in the University of Washington’s Red Square through three performances shown in one day on March 22nd. Perhaps you caught that performance while walking through Red Square that day.

In an interview with Interview Magazine’s Ryann Donnelly, Telcs articulated that:

“The goal is to explore silhouette, color, and materiality of objects. Emotional resonance is the leading factor in retention and use of an item, so by placing the garments in the realm of the art object, they can be perceived as worthwhile.”

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