The Week Ahead @ the Henry

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Here’s what’s happening this week at the Henry.

Wednesday, May 29th

12:-12:30 pm: Art Break! Join UW Exhibition Guide Corrie McQueen for a 30-minute tour through the galleries. All tours meet in the museum lobby.

Thursday, May 30th

7:00-8:30 pm: Join us for a screening of Cleopatra Jones, a Blaxploitation film staring Tamara Dobson which deals with the themes of feminism, sexuality, race, and pop culture during a transitional time in the 1970s, a social climate that saw the rise of both second-wave feminism and the Black Power movement. Show in conjunction with Out [o] Fashion Photography: Embracing Beauty, the screening will also feature an introduction and discussion with Sonnet Retman, Associate Professor of American Ethnic Studies at the UW.

Sunday, June 2nd

1:00-3:00 pm: In the Test Site, first year UW MFA candidate Rebecca Chernow presents Small Change, a four-week presentation of research into themes of reciprocity, barter, debt, and the emergence of markets and related value systems through the creation and distribution of an invented currency. In this first of three planned workshops for Small Change, we invite you to Gild the World. Workshop participants will learn how to gild small objects by hand using these traditional techniques. This process adds a veneer of worth to objects that might not otherwise appear valuable, making them shiny and precious in appearance. No previous experience is necessary and everyone is welcome.

Image courtesy the artist
Image courtesy the artist

Sean Scully: Passages/Impressions/Surfaces closes June 2nd. If you haven’t visited this exhibition, do it this week!

photo credit: R.J. Sanchez

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