The Week Ahead @ Henry

Mindfulness Meditation

Be still your thoughts while surrounded by art. Meditations begin promptly at 12:30 on Thursday. 

Critical Collaboration Session: Identity

Who am I? Does that change when I enter a new space? Will I be the same person after crossing a threshold? Using Seattle’s Aurora Avenue as a point of departure, students and visitors will publicly address issues of identity, place, and civic infrastructure through design. Sessions are free and open to the public.

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Artist Lecture: Paul Elliman

Whether love is blind or not we are already in love with Paul Elliman. This lecture is sold out. Doors open at 6:15. We encourage you to arrive early to secure your seat. At 6:50, unclaimed seats will be released to those on the wait list. The lecture begins promptly at 7 pm. Thank you!

HITS of Sunshine

Whatcha doing on Feb 14th? Got a date? Not got a date? Want to dance either way? We’ve got “HITS of Sunshine” to lighten these dark, rainy days for you (There’s also rumors that day-glo cocktails may be offered). Get tickets here.

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