The Road is ON with Molly Mac (part 2)

Today’s post is the second of three written by artist Molly Mac, who will be host/tour guide/performer for “How to get THERE (the Dam) from HERE (Seattle) with Molly Mac.” 



So far the biggest hurdle in my project is the way we use or don’t use these silly QR codes. It only takes 60 seconds or so to download a QR code reader on your phone.  You can go to the app store or the Google play store (to get one for free – there are lots of different ones). You can also just grab a friend’s phone or something.

To scan a code you open the reader app and it looks kind of like a camera. You don’t actually take a picture. You just frame up the code in the screen and wait. When the phone recognizes the code it makes an approving sound, does a tremble buzz in your hand, and then takes you directly to a website.















Is it possible to whisper into the shape of a shout?

I don’t know but I’m trying anyway, and I’m using my phone and my thumb and 4 color-coded voices.



That thumb above was 7:09 pm on a July (2014) Tuesday in Seattle. If you listen really closely you can hear a dog barking, and you can hear me catch my breath when the phone buzzes onto the code, and the little digital thunk-clicks my thumb makes on the screen.

It smells like mowing the lawn.  Tastes like an egg salad sandwich (again).  If I turn my head 180 degrees (west?) then it looks like this:
















All ready to go. But there’s still the whisper-shout problem.

And also some combination of phone, and screen, and thumb, and kidneys, and Camry, and glacial geography, and heroes, and shame, and stops on Google maps, and 4 color-coded voices:






which is important,


Because sometimes,

A fact is motivated by advice.

like this:






A fact is motivated by a secret.

like this:






A fact is just a fact.

like this:






A secret is motivated by advice

((advice tried to duck out of the portrait:








A secret is motivated by a fact

like this:






A secret is just a secret (among facts)

like this:






Advice is motivated by a secret

((advice is still trying to hide from the portrait:







&sometimes (pretty often),

Advice is motivated by a fact.

like this:






Advice is not just advice.

Look closely.














And I know I could have just made all of this sound nice and YELLOW, but then how would you ever know the difference?





If you don’t scan or click the codes you could make up your own stories for these templates. Or just sign up to keep going with me… August 2-3. You should book soon if you want to come.


In the meantime, here is a low-res, color coded fan letter: I color coded it after I sent it. I blurred it before I uploaded it. I promise to explain all this on the trip.





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