The Road is ON With Molly Mac (part 3)

This is our third and concluding blog post from artist Molly Mac on the Summer Field Studies project “How to Get THERE ( the dam) from HERE (Seattle).” 


First we ate breakfast.

Then I reminded everybody about three things:

1. How to download a QR code reader for a mobile device
2. I have two heroes: Eva Hesse & Amanda Beard
3. For the rest of the day I’ll give away my voice in 4 color-coded roles: YELLOW is normal voice (wears black and knows she is doing an art project); GREEN voice gives advice; BLUE voice gives facts; PINK voice makes confessions (after she frames a safe space to do so).

THEN I read Richard Serra’s verb list: “Actions to Relate to Oneself”
..which was dry, imperative, and kind of embarrassing, I think.


THEN we drove from the Dam to the Security Facility (facade)



pink gave this:


blue gave this:


THEN we drove from the security facade to the Lake Roosevelt Boat Launch.


green gave this (it was a BIG sticker):


THEN we drove from the Lake Roosevelt boat Launch to the Crown Point Lookout.

>>pink did not have a sticker<<

THEN we drove from Crown Point Lookout to a picnic table by Devil’s Punchbowl (Steamboat Rock State Park)


green gave this:


………. to be continued……

……click here to find the rest……..


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