Mark Your Calendars: Hugo at the Henry!

On Saturday, March 21, the Henry and Hugo House are co-presenting a creative writing class in response to Ann Hamilton: the common S E N S E. Participants will engage in the reader/scribe activity and discuss the many layers offered by the exhibition–the sense of touch, our relationship to nature, and being touched emotionally and intellectually through the private act of reading–and write creative responses about their personal experiences at the museum.

This one-day class is a mini-version of a longer series of creative writing classes in response to art at the Henry, which will be offered again in the fall. Both are taught by writer Anca Szilagyi.

Photo credit: Jonathan Vanderweit.
Photo credit: Jonathan Vanderweit.

Perks include a free pass to return to the exhibition and the chance to submit creative work in response to the show on the Henry’s blog (what you are reading right now — your words here!).

If you would like to participate, please register through Hugo House.

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