Hamilton is in the House!

With just one month left of her extraordinary show, artist Ann Hamilton is in Seattle for a whirlwind weekend of activities and appearances.

ann hamilton
Photo credit: Chona Kasinger

Today at 12:30, Ann will be leading an ArtBreak through her exhibition. Over the course of the exhibition, many guest artists, scholars, and community members have been invited to share their thoughts on the common S E N S E. We are thrilled to now have the artist herself here.

Tonight, Ann Hamilton and poet Joshua Beckman will host “A Silent Reading” in the galleries. This collaboration between the artists focuses on silent reading as shared experience. Tea will be served.

On Saturday at 2:30, Sylvia Wolf, John S. Behnke Director and organizer of the common S E N S E will lead an ArtBreak and share her perspective on mounting a show of such scope and significance to both the artist and the Henry. It was nearly five years between the time that Ann and Sylvia started talking about what we could do together and the opening of the common S E N S E.

Stuart Dempster and his Bull Roarchestra return with an encore performance on Sunday afternoon at 2:30. The Field of Bullroarers will be filled with the sounds of bass drums, hand bullroarers, and didgeridoos.

Bull Roarchestra with Stuart Dempster performing on February 20, 2015. Photo credit: Jonathan Vanderweit

Capping off the weekend, Ann is the featured speaker at Town Hall Monday night at “An Evening with Ann Hamilton.” She’ll speak about her exhibition at the Henry and about her upcoming public art installation on Seattle’s waterfront, commissioned by the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture. Rumor has it there are less than 50 tickets left — get yours now!

Join us for a fantastic weekend!

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