Call for Volunteers for Librería Donceles

The Henry needs volunteers to act as the public face of Librería Donceles.

From August 29, 2015 to January 3, 2016, our Test Site gallery will be home to Librería Donceles, a socially engaged art project by artist Pablo Helguera consisting of an itinerant bookstore of 20,000 used books in Spanish, on virtually every subject, including literature, poetry, art, history, science, medicine, anthropology, economics, and politics, as well as children’s books.

Volunteers will greet individuals as they enter the bookstore, help them navigate the various sections, share information about upcoming events, and oversee book sales.

Librería Donceles has operated as a cultural hub, activity center and social space where the love of books can be reignited. During the run of the exhibition, Librería Donceles will host readings, workshops, performances, and other events.

Image courtesy Pablo Helguera.
Image courtesy Pablo Helguera.

In Seattle, Librería Donceles will constitute the only Spanish language used bookstore in the city. Since 2013, Librería Donceles has traveled across the US engaging Spanish language readers in Miami, Phoenix and San Francisco.

There are millions of Spanish speakers in the US and yet a scarcity of books available in Spanish. The situation has been made more critical by rapid transformations in publishing, with the rise of e-books and the demise of bookstores of all sorts. The paradigm of the used book store is perhaps in greatest peril.

Please email Emily Zimmerman, Associate Curator of Programs, at to become involved and with any questions.

One thought on “Call for Volunteers for Librería Donceles

  1. Oh, please bring back the good old days at the Henry long ago when I was a student, majoring in architecture. I find your current exhibit shallow, boring, stupid. Especially the balloons…which are a bit of fun if one is ten years old, I suppose. Very chic, I guess. But still dumb.

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