hankblog makeover!

We are pleased to announce that our beloved blog has at last taken the plunge and got gussied up to match our primary website (and the design there-of, credit to those classy gents over at IF/THEN)!

In conjunction with the change, we’d like to announce a contest inviting you (yes, you!) to design a header for this very page! the steps are simple:

  1. get the following together: a JPG, sized 740 x 192 (pixel dimensions), along with your name, brief biographical sketch, and link to your website (should you have one).
  2. send all that to us at: hankblog@henryart.org.
  3. every month we’ll announce a winner, and publish their bio, links, and header on the hankblog!

we love you. you love us.

now let’s see that love in action!