Deep Storage – School of Art Style

The UW is a huge campus.
A lot of students make art here. It’s always a plus when we get to know these students  – and the two-way (Henry to students / Students to Henry) street is busy. Student exhibitions happen all the time, every now and then these students send out press releases and encourage non-students and non-faculty to come and check them out.

The communication lines seem more open than ever. It could be the founding of SHAG (the Student Henry Advisory Group), or ArtsUW, ArtsLink, or maybe we’re all just getting better at communicating, all the time. Maybe it’s just Facebook! Whatever the reason, I’m delighted. One of the great things about working at the Henry is that we are part of this HUGE research facility, and new ideas are all around us. Getting to witness the development of these ideas and meeting the emerging artists here is a great fringe benefit of being here.

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