Cat On Mat = You Throw Darts

Abstraction through Wiki – Inspired by editing hours of audio for our new Henry ArtCastJacob Dahlgren: Signs of abstraction.

Cat on Mat (picture 1)

the arrow between the agent and CAT:Elsie depicts an example of an is-a relationship, as does the arrow between the location and the MAT. The arrows between the gerund SITTINGagent and location express the diagram’s basic relationship; “agent is SITTING on location”; Elsie is an instance of CAT.

description sitting-on (graph 1) is more abstract than the graphic image of a cat sitting on a mat (picture 1), the delineation of abstract things from concrete things is somewhat ambiguous; this ambiguity or vagueness is characteristic of abstraction. Thus something as simple as a newspaper might be specified to six levels, as in Douglas R. Hofstadter‘s illustration of that ambiguity, with a progression from abstract to concrete in Gödel, Escher, Bach (1979)

Conceptual graph for A Cat sitting on the Mat (graph 1)
picture-24Image 4 / 5: Jacob Dahlgren. I, the world, things, life (installation view).
Forward, Back, Right, Left (picture 1)
throuw-dartsYou Throw Darts (graph 1)

Superabundant – Jacob Dahlgren in the UK

Jacob Dahlgren. Heaven is a place on earth, Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm 2006 c. Bonniers Konsthall
Jacob Dahlgren. Heaven is a place on earth, Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm 2006 c. Bonniers Konsthall

On Saturday, the exhibition Superabundant: A Celebration of Pattern at Turner Contemporary Project Space opens in Margate, UK.  Jacob Dahlgren’s Heaven is a place on earth, an interactive installation comprised of multiple Ikea scales, is featured in the show.

Check out Jacob Dahlgren: Forward, Back, Right, Left now on view at the Henry Art Gallery through April 19.

Jacob Dahlgren lecture Friday – Did you go? Why?

Friday night’s lecture with Jacob Dahlgren, was standing-room-only with very little paid advertising.

I spend a lot of time here at the Henry sending invitations, and spreading the word for programs and exhibitions. I have burning question that will only take a few seconds to answer:

How did you hear about Friday’s talk? Inquiring minds want to know!

Jacob Dahlgren Lecture @ the Henry tonight

Jacob Dahlgren | Friday, January 9 | 6:30 PM

Jacob Dahlgren finds abstraction in everyday materials, which he employs to create dynamic interactive installations and performances. The centerpiece of his first exhibition on the west coast is a wall of yellow-and-black dartboards, which viewers are encouraged to use.

Collections Search: Stripes

Jacob Dahlgren.
Signs of Abstraction. Bergen, Norway. April 14, 2008. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Jacob Dahlgren.

Jacob Dahlgren is known for his love/obsession with stripes (check out this article for more). Today, he was taking photos of office staff who were wearing striped clothing. In anticipation of the opening of Jacob Dahlgren: Forward, Back, Right, Left at the Henry this weekend, I decided to do a Collections Search on “stripes” — perhaps the artist (and you!) will enjoy and be inspired by some offerings from the Henry’s Costume and Textile Collection:

Apron | Tibeten plain weave

Blanket | Twill weave, wool, 1800

Bag | Indian plain weave and wood, 1954

Scarf | Marimekko knitted wool, 1986

Blouse for dress | Givenchy Plain weave; Braided, machine
Cotton with lurex, 1980-1983

Do your own Collections Search here!