SEE LISTEN TASTE FEEL Preview | Jeppe Hein’s Karriere


SEE LISTEN TASTE FEEL isn’t the only place where Danish-born Berlin-based artist Jeppe Hein has thrown a party. He is the mastermind behind Copenhagen’s KARRIERE BAR – part bar/restaurant, part gallery, part music lounge, part treehouse hideout – a contemporary space for “exclusive” and “informal” social interaction built and designed by world class artists Jeppe Hein, Olafur Eliasson, Ernesto Neto, Carsten Holler, among many others. With Karriere, Jeppe’s got some cred–the man knows what he’s doing. I won’t be in Copenhagen anytime soon, but SEE LISTEN TASTE FEEL will be here Saturday! More after the jump!

Aaaaaaaa!!! (Lounge)
Olafur Eliasson: International Career Lamp (lamper), Jeppe Hein: Illusion for a Second (bar), Ernesto Neto: Aaaaaaaa!!! (Lounge)

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Olafur Eliasson Rap – CENSORED!

Thanks, Betsey, for passing on this amazing YouTube video! Viewer discretion advised…

Um, Mike, that’s too dirty for the museum’s blog. (Video removed)

Gentle readers, if you like art jokes, you tube, hip-hop style filth, and the potential  joy of a rap about Olfaur Eliasson’s waterfalls, visit You Tube and enter the search term “Olafur Eliasson.”

Update: Jen Graves just posted the video over at SLOG.

Last Chance!

You’ll miss that Skyspace Bouncehouse when it’s gone.
Last week of “You Complete Me” at Western Bridge

You Complete Me closes Saturday, August 2. The exhibiton includes work by Colleen Chartier, Christopher Chiappa, Matthew Cox, Martin Creed, Olafur Eliasson, Eli Hansen and Oscar Tuazon, Jeppe Hein, Alfredo Jaar, Christian Marclay, Mark Soo, Mungo Thomson, Jordan Wolfson, and Andreas Zybach.
Martin Creed,This is your last chance to bounce around in Mungo Thomson’s “Skyspace Bouncehouse,” to squirt gouache at the wall in Andreas Zybach’s “0 – 6.5 PS,” or to plow through the balloons of Martin Creed’s “Work No. 360: Half the Air in a Given Space” (at left).
Next up at Western Bridge is a four-artist presentation opening this fall. Work by Claire Cowie, Solange Fabião, Susan Philipsz, and Mary Temple will be on view October 2 through December 20.

Western Bridge is at 3412 Fourth Avenue South in Seattle’s Duwamish Industrial District. Our hours are Thursday through Saturday, noon to six. More information, including directions, is available at and at 206-838-7444.