TONIGHT: Retracing Robert Frank at the Northwest Film Forum

Copyright John Cohen/Courtesy Deborah Bell Photographs, New York.

Tuesday, Dec 22 at 07:00PM
Tuesday, Dec 22 at 08:30PM
Wednesday, Dec 23 at 07:00PM
Wednesday, Dec 23 at 08:30PM
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More than 50 years ago, in 1958, Robert Frank’s seminal book, The Americans, was published to great acclaim—as well as to negative reviews that faulted his vision of a nation awash in poverty, racism and postwar jingoism. Today it is impossible to overstate the influence of Frank’s groundbreaking work. An American Journey travels back to the small towns and rural communities the photographer immortalized, exploring the world as Frank saw it and as it survives today. Artist Edward Ruscha, publisher Barney Rosset, photographers John Cohen and Raymond Depardon and curators/critics Vicki Goldberg, Sarah Greengough and Peter Galassi explore the feelings of anger and alienation which fueled the Swiss-born Robert Frank in his American journey.

A Schizophrenic Poetic Robert Frank Road Movie

A Robert Frank movie – featuring a very young Christopher Walken! It’s showing tomorrow and Thursday – catch it while you can.
(Oh, how I wish it were this Robert Frank movie. Maybe someday….)
Check it out:

Me and My Brother
Part of the yearlong 1969 series

February 18-19 at 8pm

The first feature film by photographer/filmmaker Robert Frank is a bold experimental hybrid of documentary and fiction. Catatonic schizophrenic Julius Orlovsky is taken by his brother, poet Peter Orlovsky, and Allen Ginsberg across the country on their reading tour. Partially written by Sam Shepard, this portrait of the wild and freewheeling 1960’s entangles realities as the real Julius is replaced by actor Joseph Chaikin, and at one point Robert Frank himself is portrayed by a young Christopher Walken (in his first film).