Agro-A-Go-Go with Joanna Lepore

Today’s post is written by Joanna Lepore, artist and our host for last week’s “Agro-A-Go-Go” cycling adventure.

On a cool summer morning, a small but merry band of bicycles departed from Cal Anderson park en route to the Beacon Food Forest. Led by artist Joanna Lepore, the group set out to discover the edible understory of Seattle’s most dense neighborhoods.

Photo courtesy of Whitney Ford-Terry













We paused at Community Supported Vertical Agriculture (CSVA), a multimedia living pallet garden on Sound Transit’s Red Wall, created by Lepore.  The pallet is watered by gravity-fed drip irrigation, leading us into a discussion about watering needs during the dry season.

Photo courtesy of Whitney Ford-Terry













After a detour through a pocket P-Patch in the heart of Capitol Hill, we arrived at Alleycat Acres on 22nd and Union.  The borage flowers were in full swing, swarmed by honeybees. We were impressed by the farm’s professional trellising system for tomatoes and marveled over the plants’ heavy fruit set.

Photo courtesy of Whitney Ford-Terry
















We meandered through the Central District to Columbia Street, spotting parking strip raspberry bushes and carefully cultivated traffic circles amidst barren lots and construction zones. Zipping east along the Pollinator Pathway, we caught bursts of color and the scent of lavender. We took a detour to a private home near Dearborn & MLK famous for unique stacked container gardens- an inspiration for the re-use of household junk!

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After a fast ride through I-90 trail to Beacon Hill Greenway, we climbed up 18th S.; our labor brightened by the presence of vibrant flower gardens and terraced vegetables. Cresting the hill at Lander Street, we headed to the Cesar Chavez Master Gardeners Demonstration Garden at El Centro de la Raza.


We stopped by several lively urban farms as we followed the Greenway to the end of our journey, the Beacon Food Forest. The sun shining brightly, we were treated to a tour and history of the project by co-founder Glenn. The Forest was in a full swing work-party; volunteers were mulching new trees and tending veggies in the ‘sharing garden.’

Photo courtesy of Whitney Ford-Terry













Photo courtesy of Whitney Ford-Terry













Photo courtesy of Whitney Ford-Terry













Want to see or ride it for yourself? Download this map here for a full list of site and locations.


Photos by Adam Balfour and Joanna Lepore.

Henry Open House: Fan Club

At the Henry Open House this Friday, we are trying something a little different with the Reed Collection Study Center. We have asked friends (who are also artists) of Jeffry Mitchell to chose objects in the Henry’s Collection that Jeffry made or that remind them in some way of their friend. Hence the name, Fan Club. Artists who participated and selected work are Joey Veltkamp, Joe Park, Alfred Harris, Ken Kelly, Dan Webb, and Claude Zervas.

The Fan Club will have art they selected on display in the Study Center during the Member’s Preview of the Open House, which starts at 5 pm. Don’t forget: it’s not too late to become a member of the Henry, which includes free and early entry to the Open House plus so much more! Check out your options here!

Don’t forget to get your tickets for the Open House HERE.

Seattle Artists For Japan + The Pleasure of Tiny Things for Japan

Artists For Japan: Art Sale to Benefit Relief Efforts in Japan

March 26, 12pm – 8pm
Sunday, March 27, 12pm – 5 pm
604South Jackson Street
Seattle, WA 98104

About this event
A number of Seattle artists with connections to Japan had the same idea at the same time. What can we do to aid recovery efforts from the devastation from last week’s earthquake and tsunami? The greatest asset we have to contribute is our work, and with your help, we can convert that artwork into the most versatile asset – money to support relief efforts. All the artwork – paintings, drawings, calligraphy, sumi-e, ceramics, jewelry, sculpture, prints, and more – has been donated. No commissions are being paid, and all the hard costs for the event have been donated.
The Pleasure of Tiny Things for Japan
From Diem Chau’s Blog:

For Japan

I’ve been sitting here for an hour thinking about what to write and how to write it… for the past few days I’ve been glued to the news about Japan’s earthquake and tsunami disaster.  It is so shocking to see such devastation and chaos.  I am in awe at how the Japanese people have persevered through these difficult days.  People stood in line, paid for items, kept their cool, helped their friends and neighbors.  Every single person kept their civility.  Such strength is inspiring.  My heart goes out to everyone there and I hope that perseverance will get them through the difficult days/months ahead. 


For Japan!

I’d like to make a humble offering and raffle off a crayon family portrait for the Japanese Red Cross Society.  The winner will get up to 3 crayons carved to their specifications

TRIMPIN – Benefit Screening for Artist Trust Tonight

Special  Screening of  “TRIMPIN: THE SOUND OF INVENTION”
a new film by Peter Esmonde

…including exclusive, never-before-seen footage of Trimpin at work and play!
Trimpin will be present for a post-screening discussion.

Tickets are only $10 for Artist Trust members / $12 General
Available at:

All proceeds to benefit Artist Trust’s grant programs for innovative artists!
TRIMPIN: THE SOUND OF INVENTION is an amusing journey through the sonic world of an eccentric creative genius. Continue reading

First Thursday / Friday Freak-out

It’s First Thursday and there’s so much to see:

  • YANN NOVAK Relocation and Scores (Curated by Volume (Robert Crouch + Ed Patuto) open at Lawrimore Project. Also at LP, a dandy new reading room project curated by the charming and talented Jessica Powers.
  • EXPO opens at SOIL and features works by Vaughn Bell, Jana Brevick, Chris Engman, Ben Hirschkoff, Etsuko Ichikawa, Claire Johnson, Margie Livingston, Kiki MacInnis, Saya Moriyasu, Nicholas Nyland, Vesna Pavlovic, Chauney Peck, Adam Satushek, Randy Wood, and Jennifer Zwick.
  • Build-a-house/Open House @ Howard House sounds great, too – and features this dream team: arthur s. AUBRY, richard BARNES, gretchen BENNET, donnabelle CASIS, cat CLIFFORD, tony de los REYES. sean DUFFY, ken FANDELL, karen GANZ, lauren GROSSMAN, jon HADDOCK, david HARTT, jenny HEISHMAN, mary HENRY, sean m. JOHNSON, ken KELLY, martin KLIMAS, cameron MARTIN, mark takamachi MILLER, fred MURAM, yuki NAKAMURA, matthew OFFENBACHER, jim RITTIMANN, patti WARASHINA, robert YODER (and more…)

There’s a great First Thursday post from yesterday on SLOG.

Then there’s TOMORROW, Friday.
Second Avenue is like Electric Avenue (See below)! There’s a “mini sidewalk party” put together by Nancy (Steve Quenell: Seeking Axis Mundi); Schmancy (New works by Cakespy) and a free in-store performance  by Katharine Hepburn’s Voice at Fancy.

Now back to that Electric Avenue:

See you out there!

Watching Whiting

Seattle-based artist Whiting Tennis is on Art Zone in Studio with Nancy Guppy this week. Whiting will also be speaking here at the Henry later this month as part of our first Kirkland Arts Center lecture for Dimensional Invention – which opens Thursday at KAC. Find out about the talk here, and the exhibition here.
And the details about the TV show:

Watch It Now: Artist Whiting Tennis

Sneak peek of Art Zone in Studio with Nancy Guppy; show premieres Thursday, April 16, 8 p.m.

SEATTLE — Artist Whiting Tennis’ loneliness led him to bond with inert objects. Now he brings the objects to life in his paintings and sculptures. “I was going through a tough time in my life when I was in New York. One day I was walking down the street. I was feeling really isolated in an intense way. I saw a tin can on the sidewalk,” Tennis recalls. “It was an inert object that had been Continue reading