I do believe in BriteKite fairies! I do, I do!

Remember how, if you clap your hands hard enough, Tinkerbell won’t die? Today, we’re facing a similar, but far less dire, situation here – and we want your help.

During the 2009 MFA exhibition, we set up a Brite Kite wall in the Henry Art Gallery lobby. It’s a very fun, interactive way to talk about exhibitions, audience responses, ask questions, and participate. We decided to keep it up. The whole thing was set up by the amazingly talented Whitney (frequent Hankblog Contribitor, Henry Communications Assistant, and UW Museology student) who is currently in New York City interning at P.S. 1. It’s unfortunate – but I don’t have the password to add a new tag or figure out what is going on behind-the-scenes of this innovative social technology patch that Whitney so earnestly seeded this spring.

The problem: For some reason – random messages from the twitterverse are appearing in our obby. We’re currently receiving notes about the sandwiches people are eating on the Ave, the things people are looking for in the Odegaard Library, hanging out on the UW Campus, and the work people are doing in their University District gardens. Those things are fine — but not exactly relevant to the Henry Art Gallery lobby.

How YOU can help: If you’re on Twitter – and you have some thoughts about the new exhibitions; a recent experience at the Henry; or something else you’d like to share – Tweet that, and include the tag #UWMFA09. It’ll help us to flood the stream with actual Henry-relevant messages and push the sandwich-eating, gardening, sunbathing-in-the-quad messages off the screen.


Tech-friendly BriteKite explanation after the jump.

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