Youth in Focus in Pioneer Square Art Walk!

Two YIF students in front of their shared gallery in Pioneer Square

If you can believe it, it’s officially August; which means another First Thursday Seattle Art Walk in Pioneer Square! You can come explore Victorian storefronts that have been converted into art spaces on August 4th, from noon to 8PM.

And as a Henry recommendation, we suggest you don’t miss out on Youth in Focus’s current summer project with Storefronts Seattle in Pioneer Square. This youth outreach group will have its students share studio space with photographer and intaglio print artist Daniel Carrillo while they create their 20 Paces Project.

Youth in Focus will be using their residency at 604 Second Avenue in the Hartford Building in Pioneer Square to shoot their 20 Paces Project, where the kids are tasked with photographing anything they can see from within 20 paces of the storefront door. Click here to read more about this YIF project in this great Storefronts Seattle write-up.

Youth in Focus is an amazing afterschool program that uses intensive photography training as a tool to help disadvantaged teens develop personal voice, positive identity, social skills and artistic skills. They offer free, multi-level classes in both film and digital photography, and advanced students participate in our job skills project shooting assignments for hire.

You’ll find this storefront, 604 2nd Avenue, right off of 2nd & James, next door to Trabant Coffee.
Come take a photo, be in a photo, fall in love with a photo.

Howard House

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