The Henry Announces VIEWPOINTS

The dress, its work on behalf of the body, is everything. Note how it elongates the leg, lengthens the arms. That those might in fact be arms, and not simply sleeves, slowly liquefying under the weight of fabric, congealing in bands, like poured, cold molasses? Well, try not to notice.”

  Caroline Chung Simpson, excerpted from her VIEWPOINTS wall text

Yellow Dress
Image: Elizabeth Jameson. Yellow Droplet Dress. 2000. Charcoal and oil pastel on paper. Henry Art Gallery, gift of Aileen and Ben Krohn, 2003.9.

VIEWPOINTS highlights select works from our permanent collection and offers diverse perspectives of University of Washington faculty members. Multiple voices can help expand our understanding of a work of art, cast a new light on overlooked details, and open our minds to new ideas.

This first iteration of VIEWPOINTS features the drawings and performance documentation of Elizabeth Jameson. Born in Germany, raised in Japan, and currently living in Seattle, Jameson received a B.A. in art from Western Washington University and an M.F.A. in sculpture from Mills College. Since 1996, her work has been exhibited regularly in solo, group and juried exhibitions in the United States and has recently gained notice in Europe. In 1999, Jameson was artist-in-residence at the Society of Austrian Women Artists, in Vienna, Austria.

Jameson’s work is displayed alongside the voices of UW faculty Caroline Chung Simpson, Associate Professor, Humanities; Sarah Nash Gates, Executive Director of the School of Drama and Professor of Costume Design; and Jessica Burstein, Associate Professor, Department of English and Department of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies. Each faculty member contributed a short statement sharing her perspective about Jameson’s works.

Over time, VIEWPOINTS will present new combinations of artworks and voices, inspiring and provoking new dialogues and thoughts on works in our permanent collection. VIEWPOINTS featuring Elizabeth Jameson can be seen on the Henry’s mezzanine through June 16.

VIEWPOINTS: Elizabeth Jameson (installation view). 2013. Henry Art Gallery. Photo credit: R.J. Sanchez



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