Phew – That Stinks!

When you’re in the QFC, and you see a wall of pickle jars, do you think of  Jason Rhoades?
Is It Art or Fart? is for YOU.

This blog-vergence of finding art in everyday life, appropriation, and the inherent funniness of that particular “F” word, has recently been noted by Interview Magazine and Huffington Post.

They’re releasing a new book this week, with a launch at Family Bookstore in Los Angeles next Wednesday, July 14th at 7:30pm.

Here’s what these bloggers have to say for themselves:

“The blog began as a conversation between two friends living on opposite coasts who shared an undying passion for contemporary art. Both friends have the habit of seeing as much contemporary art as they possibly can, and this habit has uncontrollably spilled over into the recognition of “fart”–coincidental moments in everyday life that, when isolated and named by artist, bear uncanny resemblance to art seen in museums and galleries around the globe. Back and forth the two friends would point to the “fart” that seemed to be just about everywhere. Now the humor of their findings is for all to enjoy. Remember, the world is your readymade! Love, Art + Fart”

Book ordering here.

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