Propose a large-scale, site-specific, media art creation for Henry’s façade?

For more images of the space, visit the Henry's Flickr site

The Henry is now accepting proposals for a temporary media project for the façade of the museum’s main entrance. The idea is to engage an artist or team of artist to create a visually striking and attention-grabbing work of media art to help attract visitors to the museum and encourage them to come inside! Project proposals will be considered for a range of media types including but not limited to:

• Video Art
• Software Art
• Installation Art — work with a sculptural or spatial component in conjunction with media elements
• Networked Art — using the Internet, social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr et al.), virtual worlds (such as Second Life), or related practices.
• Interactive and/or Participatory Projects — works in any of the above media involving a dynamic component that responds to an audience and/or requires audience participation.

Other or hybrid media forms are allowed (encouraged!), and this is an international open call. Rules and instructions are listed on: (CaFE). This call is titled “Henry Art Gallery: Façade Window Project” (listings are in alphabetical order)

All submissions must be made by March 4, 2011 and submitted to CaFE. Good luck!

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