Salavon, Playboy Centerfolds, and Golems…Oh My!

Jason Salavon. Every Playboy Centerfold, The 1970s. 2002. Pigmented inkjet print. Collection of Timothy and Leslie Fichtner. Courtesy of the artist and Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York.

One of the Henry’s own currently-exhibting artists, Jason Salavon, and The Digital Eye: Photographic Art in the Electronic Age was featured in a recent Stranger SLOG posting! Click here to read the full article…

You can see Salavon’s Every Playboy Centerfold, The 1970s in The Digital Eye until the exhibition’s closing on September 25th.

“Jason Salavon scanned every Playboy Centerfold from January 1960 to December 1999, and outputted a mean image representing each decade in the form of a 5-foot-tall, ghostly photograph. Over time, the women got skinnier, blonder, and whiter.”

“Salavon makes all kinds of digital images. At the Henry Art Gallery now, in addition to one of these centerfolds, is one of the 100,000 convincingly expressive abstract paintings that Salavon printed out en masse. He calls them Golem. A golem, in Jewish folklore, is a living creature made of inanimate matter.”

And check out soon for updates on the Jason Salavon Gallery Talk on September 15th at 7PM. He’ll also be at Photo Center NW the day before, September 14th, for a special workshop.

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